Henry Behel
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Henry Behel (it's pronounced Beel) is a director and producer of commercials, digital content, music videos, and narrative films of many genres and styles--from a Snoop Dogg music video where dogs don gold chains and make it rain in the club to B-Boy Dance battles.  Give it a couple years and he'll have a feature under his belt.  

His style has been everything from heartfelt and genuine, quirky and goofball, energetic and fun, to cinematic and epic.  The constant is stunning picture and sound.  He has directed for Snoop Dogg, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, HP, Sony, Post Foods, and Caesars Palace, to name a few.  By the time he turned director, he had spent many years as a theater actor, founded a drone cinematography company, helped design theater sets on Broadway, worked on set as an art director, a cinematographer, a camera op, and an AD.  He often still shoots his own work, and prides himself in combining a deep love of storytelling and actors with technical expertise.

He's also a single engine airplane pilot.

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